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Rental Car Insurance

Every time you rent a vehicle, the sales agent will wish to know if you need to buy coverage through the rental agency. Industry experts advise consumers to call their current insurance agent and find out if their existing insurance offers enough coverage. You may also want to call your credit card company. Many credit card companies provide rental car insurance for free or offer less expensive deals than if you purchased the insurance at the rental car counter.

In order to be properly covered, your existing insurance must include collision, comprehensive and liability coverage for rental cars. If you're looking to rent a vehicle and you don't have comprehensive or collision insurance it may be a good idea to buy a collision damage waiver or a loss damage waiver so you won't be held liable in case the vehicle is stolen or damaged. By declining rental insurance you accept responsibility for any damage.

There are numerous reasons why buying rental car insurance makes perfect sense. Most rental agencies provide consumers with personal effects coverage. If your items have been stolen from your rental car this type of insurance covers your belongings. If you plan on driving the vehicle outside the US you should know that your existing insurance may lack the insurance limits required by other countries. In this light, buying rental car insurance seems well worth the effort. Remember to always make an informed decision and avoid purchasing coverage you don't need.

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